Please select number of frames of your cartoon.

1.How to use CartoonJS

Please reference "Tips:" it appears on left side on each your operation, or watch this video.

And I recommend to use a pen tablet to draw easily.

2.How to publish your cartoon.

    1. 1. If you finished drawing cartoons. Download it via "Download Cartoon"

      ( pink, on right side. Sometimes it might be unresponsible, try many times, please.)

      2. Then, you could copy a code on this page.
      Please Select number of frames which you drawn on the page, And copy or download it as "xxx.txt".
      3. With text editor, replace "yourcartoon.png" with a name your cartoon. ( A code and .png file are must be on same file unless you edit its location on the code.)
      4. Save it with name like myFirstCartoon.html, And open it on web browser.
  • Resources

    As programming newbies, I learned a lot of things from tons of nice articles to write this script, but first of all, I red this article by william malone. ( I will list up all of these articles later for reference. It will be articles about UndoRedo, Drawing, Animation tools with setInterval,etc...)

    CartoonJS is written with pure javascript and tons of comments. I mean, it written without external library (almost). I like this way. And It will be fun if it helped you to make other funny application.

    -Hiroshi Hasegawa E-mail